Tuesday, August 31, 2010

About my dad

So about my dad...first off, he has skin cancer, he has his whole life and has had over 400 operations to remove it, including having entire sections of skin lasered off, like his face. you didn't even know they did that, did you? Neither did I. But they do. Another common procedure is to use liquid nitrogen to freeze small sections of skin and remove them. Weird shit. Anyway, after 30 some years, they finally found melanoma. My dad is 54 years old and has chronic arthritis in every bone in his body from a truck accident that almost killed him in which he was told he had a 15% chance to live and would never walk again. Well, he's alive and kicking (literally) though he's in rough shape, especially with the new melanoma. Well they did a surgery that took out all of the lymph nodes in his right arm but that didn't get rid of it all, so they're starting him on radiation treatments and Infuron or something, I dunno exactly how to spell it or what it is, but it's kinda like chemo. Now I don't want you to feel bad for him, that's not what this is for because he's a tough old bastard and I think death is afraid to get too close to him, but he also recently lost his job, and they won't tell him why but that's how Delaware is, what with At-Will-Employment. So fuck them, he needs money to keep a house over my mom and little sister's head and food on the table, so while he is looking for a job, can you please donate something? A dollar would even be helpful. Normally he wouldn't need it, but he's lost a string of jobs before this one for reason like "they didn't like where the program was going" or stupid shit like people getting offended when there was no reason to be. So please, contribute whatever you have extra, I will keep the blog updated with how he is doing. By the way, he works in Safety, he has an Associate's Degree and about 20 years of experience, if you know of a job opening, please comment or email me at rkiplingif@yahoo.com. Thank you for listening. :-)

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