Friday, September 10, 2010

New York

I went camping in New York last weekend, somewhere near Duanesburg at the Nickerson camp ground. It was pretty awesome. First day I got my boots wet and had to dry them out, so I walked around barefoot and apparently got poison ivy that I just found out about a few days ago. Got drunk and sparred with a friend near some cliffs, got several cuts and bruises, and a nice open wound with infection on the sole of my other foot that still hasn't healed yet. I tried to climb a cliff but got attacked by something that stung the shit outta my arm and face, so I chose a different route and used my knife to climb part of the way, which made me feel awesomely manly, what with shoving my knife into the sides of cliffs and pulling myself up. The whole cliff climbing adventure was just to get to the store for some soda too. And Smirnoff. ^_- We also went hiking about 2 miles down a trail to the most beautiful waterfall ever, surrounded by a little lake with a shore of warm small pebbles that felt great to lay on. And every star in the sky was out. That was truly awesome. I had a lot of fun with my bros, and meet one of their extended family's, and they were all cool as hell and kept throwing food at me to eat. (Which of course I did). Maybe something else/more later.

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