Sunday, August 29, 2010

Unnamed Thus Far

The ground is cold and restless
Ever with tremors it's filled
From a thousand unending dead marches
Their tracks won't stop 'til they're killed

I've been at this for years on end
I know now that it won't ever stop
I used to hope for a grand salvation
Once the last rotted head had dropped

I once had a vision so true to me
I could feel it's presence around
I knew that if I survived long enough
That others like me would be found

But city after city, field after field
There was naught but my tireless foe
And day after day my hope grew less
'Til I knew all that was left to know

The empty buildings, dusty streets
Horizon to Horizon decay
And I the only speck of life
The end had passed far before today

And now to the East I see the sunrise
To the West I can smell the next town
A new day begins, my sixth without sleep
I seem to have forgot how to frown

Though knowing that I am doomed to the fate
Of every last man on the earth
But I can stave off this squalid demise
I will not be condemned to rebirth

To my side is strapped a Colt .44
One bullet is all that remains
A rusty and bloodstained machete in hand
I wonder what this town contains

I turn from the sun, smile plastered on still
I can't help but feel such great joy
When there's nothing left to live for now
The line of life and death is a toy

And though my muscle and bone and sinew
Strain and implore me to stop
My will that forces them even asks me "Why?"
To which I simply reply "Why not?"

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